Lost sheep

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Like a poor man grasping at straws, we only play the hand we are dealt. Maybe ever so often do we get to be the dealer; and when we do, we get to see just how well of a puppet a man can be when there’s strings attached.

Stringed to the desires that drive us into needing more in life, but limited to the laws of religion, dynamics, physics, attraction, morals….thermodynamics, quantum mechanics. What is a man/woman to do?

Well, that’s the question of the day if not life’s very question. Think about it, the dynamics of success are just as random as the pioneer that fosters it. Whatever happens afterwards is fellowship. From the very beginning of time; fellowship or discipleship seems to an integral part for human beings.

This is close to human beings need to belong, it’s the driving factor that has humans devoting to the very struggle that defines devotion. Suffering for the greater good. The struggle that justifies one’s own success.

Mirror Mirror!

Just like a dream, life begins from sleep. As a new born, humming pulses of the EKG and murmurs of a war cry urges you to come out from whence you hid. With little to no wonder, the first word you utter is the very war cry you heard from your mother. A blessing you are called; “the chosen one”.

Tabula rasa- just like the Mona Lisa or the Salvator Mundi; it all begins with an empty canvas. The painter; The World. Your only strength and weakness being curiosity. You begin to mimic everything you see around like a mirror or a wild game of Simon says. Everything makes no sense cause that’s how it all begun and it was fun. Then your voice presents you with one gift, Pandora’s box; you open it and voila! “Mama” or “Dada”.

Trouble begins from this; the world now sees you as grown. Anything you now say or do will be held against you; and just like the internet never forgets, people around you will never forget. You are now exposed to a myriad of responsibilities like don’t sh** yourself and don’t be stupid (this very much common).

Teen age- adolescence kicks in; all the physical and chemical changes begin to take fold. You begin to notice stuff that you didn’t before. Your need to belong drives you to achieve public approval more than your need to find yourself. Its chaotic, its beautiful. You bump into the dos and don’ts of the public eye. You begin to write your own story, of rebellion, truth, love, heartbreak, depression, society, friends, choices. Depending on how this goes you beat high school.

College- you are now a citizen of the world, left to your own ruin but still a short leash from your parents who look in on you now and then  just to make sure you are not  entirely lost to the world that you so yearn for. First year of college, your eyes open to things that you can actually do and get away with and the things that you can’t. You now begin to explore these options at the pleasure of your friends and Fun. This is when you

Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash
Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

get to make sense of the little struggles that have more deeper meaning than your own e.g. #YOLO, #CREAM.

You are now lost in the very definition that life is all about. You try to find yourself in the maze of choices you have to make to define you. You are urged to use the tried and tested method cause it’s worked for most if not everyone. “Stick to the facts they say. Its much easier”. You start to struggle with your books and what you want. You now begin to notice time and how it affects you.

Maybe finding yourself involves you losing yourself . Dimensionalities of life vary by society so maybe all you need to know is “Nobody knows anything” – William Goldman and “I know that I know nothing” – Socrates